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Dirty Pools Are No Fun

Choose us for residential pool cleaning services in the Katy, TX area

In the middle of the hot Texas summer, your pool is a place of refuge from the summer sun. However, if your pool is dirty and grimy, your place of refuge can become a place you choose to avoid. Instead of avoiding your pool or trying to clean it on your own, reach out to David The Pool Guy, LLC for help. We provide residential pool cleaning services throughout Katy, TX and the surrounding area for $200 monthly weekly pool maintenance.

For a month $200 we perform weekly pool maintenance which includes skimming the surface, empty skimmer baskets, motor baskets, and cleaner bags on every visit. We also will vacuum, leaf vacuum, brush the walls, and backwash, as needed to maintain the pool to a high standard. We will also backwash sand and DE filters on a regular basis. For DE and cartridge filters, I will clean them twice yearly for an additional price listed on the filter cleaning page. We don't empty the filters except for repair, or if they need to be winterized.

We can handle all your pool cleaning needs. Call 281-827-1043 today to schedule your appointment.

How can we help?

When it comes to residential pool cleaning, our expert can tidy up your pool in a flash. Along with providing pool vacuuming services, we can also:

  • Check and adjust test for and maintain are Chlorine, pH, Salt, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer, and Phosphates. We also test for Chlorine, pH, and Salt on every visit and all others on an as needed basis.
  • Inspect your equipment for defaults
  • Clean and empty your filter

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