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Let Us Keep Your Pool Clean and Sparkling

Turn to us for pool clean-up and pool restoration services in the Katy, TX area

Whether the water in your pool is slightly discolored or completely green, we're here to help. David The Pool Guy, LLC offers expert pool clean-up services for homeowners throughout Katy, TX and the surrounding area. You can count on us to remove debris from your pool and your filters. We can also vacuum and brush your surfaces to get rid of green substances that have taken over your pool. We also do filter cleaning for DE and cartridge filters

Our pool restoration services are quick and efficient, helping restore your pool to a sparkling blue in no time. We only charge $300, plus tax, for 20,000-gallon pools. Call 281-827-1043 today to schedule your appointment.

Signs your pool needs cleaning

Keeping your pool clean is important. Other than spotting green or discolored water, you should reach out to us for pool clean-up services if you notice:

  • Insects floating throughout your pool
  • Bubbles or foam gathering on your pool's surface
  • Gray stains on your pool walls, which is the result of calcium build-up

Get in touch with us today to get a free pool restoration estimate.