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What kind of pool repairs do you preform?

I do minor above ground repairs. Motor replacement, leak repair, changing light bulbs.

What is the most common type of pool service?

Weekly cleaning and chemical maintenance

How often do I need my pool serviced?


Do you offer one time pool cleanings?


How do I sign up for ongoing pool maintenance?

Call my cell to discuss the details of pool, location, and service times.

Why would I want ongoing pool maintenance?

Ease and piece of mind and not having to battle the difficult and expensive learning curve associated with maintaining a pool

How do I know if I need a pool repair?

If there is always water around the system, abnormal water loss, breakers are tripping, motors aren't running or making a loud noise, water isn't moving when the system is on, getting shocked while swimming.

How will I know that I need a pool cleaning?

Pools need to be cleaned and the chemicals maintained at least weekly.